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Welcome! This website provides a powerful key for empowering your life and helping the world. If you've seen "The Secret" or other books or movies on spirituality, manifestation or abundance, this website will provide you with the next step.

This website will connect you with an ever-expanding, worldwide group of people praying in a very powerful way for a better world.

You can help to create a better reality for our country, our environment, and for our whole world, as well as for your own personal life.


Is your life stuck? Or are you frustrated that our country and world seem to be experiencing ever-worsening problems, and no one seems to be able or willing to fix them?

The information contained on this site just might get you unstuck and give you what you want. We're asking nothing in return, other than your prayers.

We will show you that the Bible and other wisdom traditions, as well as credible scientists and psychologists, all agree that if we pray in a specific, powerful way, we can literally change the world and ourselves.

We will also provide you with ideas and suggestions for how to pray in a more effective, verifiably powerful manner.

And we will share some of the most powerful prayers in existence with you ...


There are many books, movies and websites which discuss the basic concepts discussed here. However, most of those other resources focus solely on personal happiness and achievement. That's fine.

But our country and world also need some help right now to get back on the right track. Indeed, we can create a better world than we’ve ever dreamed possible.

If we truly create our own reality, which the Bible, Eastern spiritual teachers, scientists and psychologists tell us, then we also create our political, social, ecological, and economic conditions. We create the conditions for war or peace, for security versus terrorism, for good versus corrupt leaders, for a healthy or unstable environment.

(A note to skeptics: We are not trying to get you to stop doing outward things and taking real action to improve your life and the world. We are simply inviting you to also co-create a better world through the use of prayer.)

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