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In a minute, we will give you the opportunity (for free) to access the very powerful prayer affirmations which can change your life, your country and your world.

But before you read them for the first time, please read this very brief explanation of how to use the prayer affirmations in a way which will effectively create miracles in your life.

Research has shown that prayer affirmations work best when the positive results being contemplated are thought of as already being received. In other words, studies show that -- if you want a loving relationship -- you see yourself as already being in that relationship, it will work much better than if you pray "God, please give me a loving relationship".

The same is true for abundance, jobs, health, or any other kind of prayer goal.

Studies show that this works better -- seeing yourself as already having what you want -- for several reasons:

(1) Psychologically, if you see yourself as already having what you want, then you will organize yourself around doing what it takes to make it true; and

(2) Spiritually, the universe will give you what you see yourself as having. (this is called "the Law of Attraction").

Seeing is Believing

Research shows that the more senses you use in seeing yourself having what you want, the more powerful will be the result. In other words, if you can see (in your mind's eye) yourself as having your goal right now, and feel the great feelings of gratitude and pleasure and excitement or peace you will have in receiving the thing you want, that it will be drawn into your life more quickly.

Warm Up

Research also shows that “warming up” for a couple seconds before starting your prayer affirmations helps to make the prayers much more powerful. To “warm up”:

(1) Do whatever you need to do to get comfortable. Connect in your mind to whatever is most meaningful or religously inspiring to you. Breathe deeply several times.
(2) Send a prayer for the well-being of someone who you love and wish good things for them.
(if you would like additional tips, see this resource).

We have created this website so that you can create a better life in 10 minutes a day.

There are 10 very powerful prayer affirmations. For each affirmation, take about a minute, and see with your imagination all of the wonderful details which would surround your receipt of the positive thing evoked by the affirmation. Feel the fantastic feelings you will experience when you receive your goal -- remembering to feel grateful in your imagination for getting it, as well as any other positive emotions you imagine experiencing due to receiving the thing you want.

(Will you feel positive feelings in your body, as well? If so, imagine that as well).

10 minutes a day to a miraculous life and a better world . . .

Everyone can spare 10 minutes, no matter how busy (even if you might have to put down the sports page or turn off the dancing show to find the time). If not, then invest just 5 minutes or 2 minutes or 1 minute . . .

Are you ready?

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