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The Prayer Affirmations

"I am creating the day I want"

"I am experiencing an abundance of resources, loving relationships, health and vitality"

"I am connected with the Whole and with my highest purpose"

"People world-wide are awakening to our ability to co-create our reality, and choosing to create what is best for all of us"

"People everywhere are opening to the largest truths"

"Everything that was hidden is now being revealed, and is remaining transparent for all to see"

"People understand that we have the power to govern ourselves"

"Humanity is realizing that security comes from cooperation, justice, dignity and freedom"

"Humankind is evolving in its understanding, awareness and intelligence"

"The environment is completely healing itself, with our help"

* These affirmations carry tremendous power – much more than is visible at first. Regular use of the first three affirmations will dramatically increase your power, abundance, love in relationships, and health. The remaining affirmations, if used regularly by a large enough number of people, will dissolve most of the world’s problems, restore hope and stability, and create a world that is better than we have ever even imagined before.

If you spend 10 minutes a day using the affirmations, you will see what we mean.

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