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There are many books, movies and websites which discuss the basic concepts discussed in this website. However, most of those other resources focus solely on personal happiness and achievement. That's fine.

But our country and world need a lot of help right now to get back on the right track and to create a better world than we’ve ever dreamed possible.

If we truly create our own reality, which the Bible, Eastern spiritual teachers, scientists and psychologists tell us, then we also create our political, social, ecological, and economic conditions. We create the conditions for war or peace, for stability versus terrorism, for corrupt leaders or good leaders, for global sanity or chaos.

Many books, movies and websites focus on the actual problems, and do good work in exposing corruption, criminal acts, greed, injustice and fear-mongering. Indeed, most of the people who produce this website spend time fighting against those problems, and this website and the ideas presented here are not intended to take you away from your work in these areas – which is vital.

However, we also choose – and invite you – to co-create a better world through the use of prayer and divine power.